Destination Destin: Our first stop

Drawing by Lindsey

It is finally here.  After so much planning and waiting we made it to our first stop:  Henderson Beach State Park, Destin, FL.  Powder white sand, beautiful turquoise water, fresh deep-water red shrimp on the grill, piña coladas, old friends, and Jimmy Buffet playing.  I am not sure if we are actually going to leave for the next stop.

Went searching for our first geocache.  Eagle-eye Lindsey found it after about 15 min of looking and some good sleuth work by Laura.


3 thoughts on “Destination Destin: Our first stop”

  1. Sounds perfect. Always wanted to do geocaching. Congrats to Lindsey! You’re just dipping your toe in the water as far as the trip goes, but it sounds like a terrific start. Cheers.

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