Pennies From Heaven

We managed to pull ourselves away from Destin but if we had known what was to come we may really have just stayed.  A few hours in to the drive, somewhere in Louisiana, we hit bad weather and the Nissan lost power and we had to coast to the side of the interstate.  The car refused to budge.  The motor seemed to run fine but the car would only half heartedly attempt to go forward so we called roadside assistance.  Right about that time a full sized pickup truck came spinning by 30 yards in front of us and smashed in to the end of the guard rail and went flying down the embankment.  Luckily, and surprisingly, nobody was hurt.  Being reminded of how dangerous a spot we were sitting in we got out, went to the bottom of the embankment, and called for more assistance.

At this point I would like to back up about 18 hours to dinner that we were having with our good friends Gregg and Serra in Destin.   They were telling us about how some other of our good friends, Jeff and Rae-Lynn, had visited them in Destin 15 or so years ago on their way out west on an RV trip much like ours.  They ended up breaking down after leaving Destin.  Serra said, “But that’s not going to happen to you guys.”  Realizing the extreme bad mojo a statement like that carries, she went on to say “Everybody knock on wood.”  I will admit that I did not, in fact, knock on wood…

Fast forward back to 2016 in the four hours that we waited for the wrecker in the rain and lightening amongst thoughts of new transmissions, heavy duty pickup trucks, and prayers for being rescued, Laura finds a heads up penny on the ground (Camryn tells me that if it is heads up you can pick it up and get good luck and if it is tails up you flip it over and leave it for the next person to have good luck).  Shortly after that, the wrecker showed up and, we figured out that the emergency braking cable had come unplugged from the trailer and locked the brakes (going in the books as a real life field test of the EBS).  Unfortunately we had already loaded everything on the wrecker so we rolled in to the campground in true Griswald style.


3 thoughts on “Pennies From Heaven”

  1. Good morning, Laura and Crew
    Glad to have the details and that everything worked out. You are amazing too see the positive side of the thing. Perhaps you’ll be finding a lucky penny all along the way. The universe has given you just enough drama to keep it interesting.
    Don and I were talking about you as we watched the Texas flood news on TV. You are heading right into the mess. Have you considered detours?
    We are thinking of you and wishing you well. Keep us in the loop.

  2. Hi Laura,
    No news in a couple of days. You all are in the thick of things out there according to the news and we are kinda concerned. Is everything OK?

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