Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

Still in NM.  The car thermometer read 104 today.  The low humidity helps but I still felt like a french fry under a heat lamp.

Which one is the alien?
Which one is the alien?

Stopped in Roswell to see some aliens.  No such luck.  I think I believe less in them now after going to the UFO Museum and Research Center.  The place looks like it hasn’t been updated since the crash in ’47 (but Laura tells me that it wasn’t built until the ‘90s).  We did get a good Mexican meal at Pepper’s nearby.  I had probably the best chile rellano I have ever had.  Laura got a Southwest Chicken Salad that had a tasty chipotle-ranch dressing that almost melted through the plate it was so spicy.


The next day we went to White Sands National Monument to hit the slopes.  It is 250 square miles of pure white powder sand dunes in southern New Mexico where we were able to buy some flying saucers in order to carve up the piste.   Unfortunately, despite planning our day around not doing so, we arrived at the slopes during the hottest part of the day and bailed after only a few runs.  Our apres ski activities led Lindsey to getting her second Junior Ranger badge.


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