Livin’ in a Trailer

I contemplated rewriting Bon Jovi’s song “Livin’ on a Prayer” with my own version: “Livin’ in a Trailer” but gave in to the pleas of my family to abandon the idea.  We have been on the road for three weeks now.  Because of Dirk’s injury, I have been on driving duty.   The tow vehicle is my Nissan Armada and our trailer is about 7,500 pounds and 31’ long.  My car is angry but she’ll get over it.  The trailer has afforded us about 240 square feet of living space.  The space has been sufficient and we are very happy with our decision to (a) purchase a tow-behind rather than a drivable, b) buy rather than rent, and c) get the size we did.  The drives have been long but the beauty of the drives make most of them enjoyable and the anticipation of the next stop makes our departures less difficult.  I have received texts from several of you asking if we have killed each other yet.  I am happy to report that we are still a family of four humans (and 2 fur babies that had to stay in Atlanta L).  The girls have had a few spats but have also, by choice of default, been playing together charmingly.   The trailer parks are nice and better than I expected.  I have never felt unsafe staying in the trailer.  There are two types of trailer parks-privately owned & state/national parks.  The privately owned trailer parks tend to be more expensive and the spots are much smaller.  However, they offer many amenities such as Wifi (which even works sometimes), laundry facilities, showers (usually nice & clean), and sometimes even swimming pools.  The state and national parks offer amazing views and a chill atmosphere.  You usually have space to spread out and are right there at your destination.  Also, they tend to be much less expensive.  We stay at a combo of the two.

The trailer itself is comfortable and we have all the basic appliances and kitchen tools.  We have been using the grill and the induction cooktop for most of our meal prep.  We tend to eat 2 meals in the trailer and one out each day.  Now, even though I love our trailer, it hasn’t been problem-free. Prior to launching, we discovered that the hot water heater wasn’t working.  Dirk, with the help of Youtube, was able to replace the faulty part.  As you may have read in an earlier post, we had quite an ordeal when the emergency brake detached early into the trip.  At Grand Canyon, Lindsey and I came home from our early morning hike to find Dirk and Camryn trapped in the trailer.  Instead of panicking, they played cards.  The culprit of the temporary imprisonment was a deadbolt-gone-bad.  We ordered the part from Amazon and had it shipped to our friend Michele.  We will see her tomorrow and will once again have an uber-secure trailer.  The worst of our problems was when the “black” tank got clogged.  OMG!  It was as bad as it sounds.  Have you ever seen the movie RV?  If you haven’t, you should.  Luckily, our problem wasn’t as bad as what Robin Williams’s character endured, but it was close.  John Hilgert, an Atlanta friend that joined our journey for a few days, was present for that one and can attest to the fact that I was just running around screaming and dry-heaving rather than being much help.

We have decided that we much prefer to stay in a location for a few days.  On the way out West, we had many one-nighters.  Sometimes you wake up in the morning and forget where you are!  Setting up the trailer takes about 30 minutes and getting ready to roll in the morning takes about an hour.  We have met a lot of nice folks during our travels.  The people at the trailer parks always seem willing to lend a hand. I have found that people are generally good and kind.  The sojourners we have met are each seeking a different adventure.   Housekeeping in our tiny home is pretty quick and simple.  However, the laundry must be dealt with every few days.  We implemented a lot of Pinterest organizing ideas before launching from Atlanta and most have been super helpful in keeping us neat and organized.

So, am I happy with our decision to take this epic journey?  Absolutely.


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  1. Thank you for this wonderfully expressive update on your adventure. I’m sure your happy and positive attitude has gone a long way towards minimizing anything that went wrong. We are following your travels faithfully and look forward to hearing more about the details of your journey. Our thoughts are with you.

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