Grand Canyon

Artwork by Lindsey
Artwork by Lindsey

It is simply impossible to describe the Grand Canyon with pictures or words and do it the justice it deserves.  The majesty, size, and diversity that accompany the beauty that creates breathtaking vista after vista must be seen in person.  With that said, we decided to do this post a little differently and give you some of our own impressions in Q & A format.

Q:  What was the thing that impressed you most about the Grand Canyon?

Lindsey:  The size.  I couldn’t believe how big this thing was.  It was a mile deep and a hundred miles long.  I could see a hundred miles wide.

Camryn:  The beauty of the park was the thing that I was most impressed with.  Not just the canyon, but the campsite and drive there as well.

Laura:  That it is the #1 most visited natural wonder of the world.  The park handles it really well.

Dirk:  The sheer size of it.  You can drive for miles and miles and every overlook along the way is beautiful but unique in its own way.


Q:  What did you learn about the Grand Canyon that you did not know before?

Lindsey:  That John Wesley Powell was the first was the first to boat inside the Grand Canyon on the Colorado river.

Camryn: Elk and mule deer are common animals to be seen in the park.

Desert View Watchtower
Desert View Watchtower

Laura:  There is a whole section of the park called Desert View that I didn’t know existed.  At the end of the Desert View drive there is an impressive watch-tower which we enjoyed climbing to the top of.

Dirk:  I knew it was dangerous but I was surprised to hear that 8 to 10 people a year fall in by accident.  On a lighter note, I learned that the bark of the Ponderosa Pine really smells like vanilla.


Q:  Name one highlight of our stay at the Grand Canyon?DSCN0433

Lindsey:  Hiking South Kaibab trail with Mommy.

Camryn:  The sunset we saw at Hopi Point was breathtaking!

Laura:  The elk that came right up to the trailer and was pushing on it.

Through the window
Through the window

Dirk:  Seeing an elk right outside the window of the camper.  Those things are huge!

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