Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Honestly, this has been my favorite stop of the trip so far. And you probably know why. This amazing place is flooded with dogs, cats, birds, horses, bunnies, and even pigs just waiting to be adopted. Yesterday, we went and volunteered in Dogtown. All of the dogs there were so adorable and playful, I just wish I could adopt all of them!

When we were volunteering, my dad, Dirk, went and took care of a dog with cancer while me and the rest of my family walked 3 dogs.

The first dog we walked was named Judd. Just for you to get an idea of what he looks like, he kind of looks like the dog Petey from The Little Rascals. We did clicker training with him on the walk. He was so well behaved, but playful too, that my whole family wanted to adopt this 1-year-old puppy J.

The next dog we walked was named Killian. She was struggling with the clicker training a little, (except sit) but loved to be pet! Camryn bonded with her immediately and knew she had a lot of potential to do great things.

The last dog was named Sundae. She did NOT want to go on a walk. She kept stopping to sniff everything and would pull in different directions stubbornly. She had already been adopted so we were just working on name recognition with her.

After we walked the dogs, sadly our shift was over. We went to an all vegetarian café overlooking the beautiful canyon in Best Friends.

View from the Cafe
View from the Cafe

It was delicious! After our lunch, Camryn and I begged our parents to get a sleepover dog (a dog you can take home and have a sleepover with).  They finally said yes and, after hard thinking, we decided to get Judd and have a sleepover with him the next day. The day finally came and we picked up Judd from Dogtown. He was a little nervous at first, but he quickly adjusted to our family. We took him to pink sands and he loved it! IMG_5717Before we knew it, the day was over and we hit the hay. Early next morning, we had to take Judd back to Dogtown and head over to Moab UT. It was a sad goodbye to take back Judd and leave Best Friends, but I can’t wait to go back!


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