More of Utah: Zion and Bryce

Although we had been to Zion before, this is a park that requires more than a day to explore.  We came in through the east entrance this time and were treated to amazing views of giant red mountains of striated rock that we hadn’t seen.  This included going through them via the 1.1 mile long Mt. Carmel tunnel which needs repair and is competing for funding.  Once in the park we took the tram to the Zion lodge where we had a dinner of bison burgers and bison meatloaf (OK, we weren’t the first to arrive at the park that day due to swimming pool priorities) with our Atlanta friends, The Hilgerts.IMG_0597  Prior to our reservation we went down to the Virgin River that runs through the park to look at the Emerald Pools which we never made it to.  The following petroglyph is a recreation of the events that took place:

Artwork by Lindsey
Artwork by Lindsey


Lindsey + Enticing River + Jon’s Encouragement = Happy Soaking Wet Lindsey Right Before Dinner in the Lodge

I think Lindsey going in the river was a foregone conclusion as soon as she stepped off of the path anyway.

The next day the Hilgerts took Camryn on a hike into The Narrows where you have to march through the shallow river and into world famous slot canyons.  Lindsey, Laura, and I took a quick trip to Bryce Canyon.


IMG_0641Bryce Canyon is as advertised.  Laura and I agree that this is one of the places where pictures (maybe not ours) do the park justice.  Its beauty does not lie in massive size, like the Grand Canyon, but in the multitude of hoodoos and columns whose intricate designs have been formed over the ages.  Formations range from individuals that look like kings and queens to others that are lined up in such an orderly fashion that they look like ranks of IMG_0640marching soldiers.  Between limited time and mobility issues we did not get a chance to take any of the of the hikes that would have taken us through the maze of formations, but did get great views doing the trail between Sunset Point and Sunrise Point (Thanks Hilgerts for the tip).  While on the trail we ran in to another person who had a similar leg injury to my broken ankle and had a similar roller cart.  We compared notes on the carts and had to resist the urge to race them despite the egging on from both families’ children.

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