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Destination Destin: Our first stop

Drawing by Lindsey

It is finally here.  After so much planning and waiting we made it to our first stop:  Henderson Beach State Park, Destin, FL.  Powder white sand, beautiful turquoise water, fresh deep-water red shrimp on the grill, piña coladas, old friends, and Jimmy Buffet playing.  I am not sure if we are actually going to leave for the next stop.

Went searching for our first geocache.  Eagle-eye Lindsey found it after about 15 min of looking and some good sleuth work by Laura.


Maiden Voyage

Photo courtesy of Lindsey & her new camera
Photo courtesy of Lindsey & her new camera

While others were skiing out west and relaxing in the Caribbean, our spring break trip kept us a little closer to home; a 22 minute car ride to be exact.  We didn’t want to stray too far on our first adventure in our new-to-us travel trailer so we opted for the campground at Stone Mountain.  Dirk drove the trailer like a champ and backed it into our spot with surgeon-like precision.  The weekend was perfect and it was fun experiencing all that Stone Mountain has to offer.  The whole family made it through level 2 of Sky Hike.  Next time, we may muster up the courage to try level 3!  The trailer had a nearly flawless first excursion.  We need to replace the electric heating element in the hot water heater but it should be an easy and inexpensive fix.


Road Trip!!!

Well, we decided to do it .  The American dream vacation.  The Ultimate Road Trip.  To travel around our great nation and see the incredible beauty it has to offer.  A few glasses of wine and a free pass to the national parks may admittedly have gotten the ball rolling but the decision was  much more than that.  We have been talking about it forever, the kids are the right age, and to quote Joel from the movie Risky Business:  Sometimes you just gotta say “What the…”